Today At The Ridge

Sunday, December 31st

Cart Path Only. Practice Facilities closed for the remainder of the season.

Happy New Year!!

Guest Info

Guest Policies & Information

The staff at The Ridge is always pleased to welcome new and returning guests to our Club.

When you arrive at The Ridge, please proceed to the bag drop, leave your bag and check in with one of our staff.

Below are some policies and procedures for guest review.


  • Do not change into golf shoes in the parking lot, please proceed to the locker room where you will be directed to your guest locker.
  • Please check in at the Professional Shop upon arrival.
  • Repair all ball marks on the greens and replace divots on the fairways
  • Follow daily rules pertaining to golf carts on the cart paths.  Stay on paths until you pass a white stake and return to cart path prior to the green stakes.
  • Always keep carts in the fairway, do not drive cart onto the first cut of fairway or in the rough while looking for your golf ball.

All members and guests must be appropriately attired (at all times) on the golf course, practice areas, patios and decks and in the Clubhouse. Improperly dressed individuals shall be asked to change or leave the Club property.

Men: Must wear appropriate golf shirts with sleeves at all times. Slacks or Bermuda length shorts must be worn. Tank tops, T-shirts, cut-offs, sweat pants, jeans (or the like), denim, bathing suits, athletic shorts, tennis shorts, cargo pants or cargo shorts are not permitted.

Ladies: Must wear appropriate golf shirts/tops. Dresses, skirts, golf shorts and skirts of appropriate length may be worn. Slacks and capri pants are acceptable. Halter-tops, T-shirts, jeans (or the like), cut-offs, denim, sweat pants, athletic shorts, aerobic tights or tennis shorts and cargo pants or cargo shorts are not permitted.

Children: Must also wear appropriate golf attire as per above.
All golf shirts must be tucked into shorts, slacks, skirts, etc. unless designed otherwise. This rule also applies to children.

Guest’s attire is the responsibility of the member.

Hats are to be removed while inside the Clubhouse (excluding Professional Shop and locker rooms).

Hats are to be worn with visor facing forward as designed at all times.

The Ridge is a “mandatory” soft spiked facility. Any shoes with metal or ceramic tips are prohibited and will be required to convert to soft spikes.

Golf shoes with soft spikes are only permitted in the lower level of the Clubhouse (Pro Shop and Locker Rooms).

Street or dress shoes, sneakers or sandals must be worn on the upper level of the Clubhouse.

Shoes should only be changed in the locker rooms (not in the parking lot). You will be assigned a locker, please check in with our locker room attendant when you arrive and you will be directed to your locker.

Out of respect for all members, the Club has determined that inside all buildings will be a “smoke free” environment and will be strictly enforced. Members and their guests who enjoy smoking cigarettes and cigars will be allowed to smoke on the outside patios, decks, terraces and screened porch areas. If food is being served outside, or an event is taking place, outside designated smoking or non-smoking areas/tables may be established.

In addition, members and their guests are prohibited from discarding extinguished cigarettes and cigars on the property including the parking lot, golf course and practice areas. All cigarettes and cigars should be held until they can be placed in the appropriate garbage receptacles.

Please make sure ashes from cigars are not left on the green and tee surfaces. Also, please be aware – throwing cigarettes/cigars into mulch and rough/fescue areas can cause a fire and result in damage to the turf.

Cell phone use is only permitted in the Clubhouse locker rooms, outside the front door of the Clubhouse, in the Charter Member screened porch, on the lower level patio outside the professional shop and in the parking lot. Cell phone usage is not permitted on the upper level event deck.

Cell phones are never allowed to be used in the Dining Room, Bar, Fazio Lounge, Loft, Upper Level Event Deck, Pro Shop or on the Golf Course or Practice Areas.

Cell phone ringers must be turned off when on the property. Members and/or guests expecting calls must use the vibrate mode only.

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